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Nested in the heart of a serene, luscious green nature, surrounded by a lavishly landscaped environment, Tal El Yasmine offers an exquisite form of living, where captivating authentic architecture meets modern life. Through the genius of our architects an unparalleled masterpiece was born, a project in perfect harmony with its surrounding, embracing the feel of a green atmosphere, embodying the lap of historical and cultural reminiscences of Lebanon.


Enjoy your life with your family amid state of the art amenities, offering panoramic sea and mountain views; Tal El Yasmine provides you with the following:

3 Swimming Pools
Kids Playground
Multipurpose Tennis court
Gentlemen's Club
Women's spa
Facility Management


Promise to Mother Earth

It's all about the green in Tal El Yasmine. Our community not only preserves the natural landscape of the region but blends in with the serene surroundings and respects the heritage of mother earth to provide you with an exquisite green experience

Shading Elements

Shading elements are essential to the building envelope as they reduce heat absorption from sunlight while maximizing the amount of light penetrating through the windows. This would entail less energy consumption over lighting and cooling thus promoting a sustainable eco-friendly environment. Our shading elements are inspired from both nature and old Beirut architecture. Building facades will be planted with Jasmin, a natural earth product that would absorb the heat, while traditional "abajour" with modern adjustable blades will help capture maximum sunlight.

Double Walls

The outer walls of our buildings will all be made up of double walls properly insulated with polystyrene in between for optimum heat and sound insulation. This feature would also enhance the indoor atmosphere of the apartment entailing less energy consumption for both heating and cooling.

Recycling of Excavation material

Throughout the excavation process, all excavated earth material from solid rocks to sand will be properly processed, filtered, sorted, and stored for later use during construction. The excavated material could be used for backfilling, on site batching plants, and wall cladding. Recycling decreases waste and allows maximum efficiency and usage of site material, ensuring a sustainable site.


75% of Tal El Yasmine's surface area will be green covered. We want to preserve and improve the heritage of mother earth. Greenery not only generates a clean atmosphere but also improves visual comfort and promotes healthy living while preserving and improving the ecosystem of the area. There will be an on-site tree nursery, aiming not only to replace every tree displaced for architectural purposes, but to also increase the overall number of trees

Floor Heating, Gas boilers

All apartments are floor heated. The floor heating system has proved to be more efficient than the traditional heating methods and has numerous advantages. Floor heating heats evenly the whole area in which you live. This generates the opposite heat cycle to that of conventional heat sources and results in warm feet and consistent room temperatures. Compared to conventional radiators, a floor heating system generates more radiant heat as opposed to convective heat and thus consumes less energy. Furthermore, floor heating promotes better health as feet would be warmer that the head improving blood circulation and as the system produces less airborne dust than the amounts associated with radiators and convection currents which is a real plus for asthma sufferers and people with allergies. Furthermore, boilers to be installed in the project are all eco-friendly gas boilers eliminating NOX emissions.

Led Lighting

All project lights will be led lights entailing a 50% reduction in energy consumption.

Water Economy

Advanced water recovery through rain water channels, for irrigation of both private gardens and public spaces. Wastewater generated from apartments, both grey and black, will be conveyed to an advanced central treatment plant that will treat it and pump it back for irrigation and flushing which makes up for 30% of water consumption. Plumbing fixtures are all water efficient to eliminate losses. Excess water will be safely diverted back to the aquifer minimizing water runoff.

Photovoltaic panels

Electricity for the whole project will be generated by a solar energy model consisting of photovoltaic panels placed on all rooftops coupled with batteries and a ups system for each apartment. This system will allow reverse energy metering, decreasing EDL consumption and would cover energy consumption throughout the power outage periods. This system is a key feature for sustainability, it generates enough energy to meet demand, all clean, eco-friendly and free of emissions.

Waste Sorting

Preserving Lebanon's nature and its green environment is a priority at Tal El Yasmine. In order to eliminate waste disposal's serious threat to human health and the environment, a waste sorting scheme shall be implemented within the households and the community's common areas.

Modern Village

All units are internet ready, allowing for fast internet, high definition as well as interactive TV.
Facility management for all parts of the project.
24/7 water and electricity
24/7 property maintenance
24/7 security
Maintenance of greenery in all parts of the project.
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG - Propane) Network
Solar Energy power generation

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